Power of positivity

The surest way to see love is to be love.

“Our world is not made beautiful when more of us are skinny, or smooth, or blonde. It’s made beautiful when more of us are happy, with less shame and more love for ourselves. And with deeper compassion and empathy for one another.” -Scott Stabile, “Big Love”

I met Scott during a short retreat to Canyon Ranch with a group of empowering, supportive women. There were so many classes and activities to choose from. The list included everything from Pilates to Zumba, cooking class to contemplative circles, astrology to seasonal hikes. Scott Stabile was a guest instructor, only staying at Canyon Ranch for a limited period of time. He was offering a soul writing course, and though it was later in the evening, I knew I wanted to take it. I had no idea who he was or what he was going to share, but the short description of his class was enough to tell me that he was someone I wanted to learn from.

Scott inspired me with his words and his energy. He was gentle, calm, warm and passionate about kindness & love. His class was emotional and powerful, and inspired me to start writing more. I bought several copies of his coffee table book, “Just Love” and refer to it often for simple reminders. I’m currently listening to his book “Big Love”… which shares stories from his life and lessons in how choosing love over hate makes all the difference in living a happy, meaningful life. And, why forgiveness is so crucial to living authentically. Scott’s words hold so much power, as he reminds us of exactly what we need to hear.

“ Love never recedes but only grows the more freely it’s given, so let’s be sure to share love with all we encounter. We are changing more lives than we know. We are love.”

-Scott Stabile, “Just Love.”

As we all experience the chaos and abnormality that is 2020; a worldwide pandemic, racial injustice, political turmoil, social media negativity…. we need to be reminded of what matters.

We get this opportunity to live & love each day, to make memories, to lift others up, to be kind, to make a difference, to feel full, to feel rich with abundance from connection rather than material things. What will hatred bring? More hatred. What will love bring? More love. BIG love. Just love.

Love perpetuates love. Whenever I see this word – LOVE – it makes me feel warm. There’s something about it that resonates so strongly in my soul. Meeting Scott was very powerful; his message was clear and made perfect sense to me. We all need to learn from his message, especially now. We can have opinions that differ, we can believe in a different higher power, we can have different political views, we can choose to live our lives in ways that are different from others but no matter what, treat others and the world with love. It will make all the difference 💛

For more information on Scott & his work, visit scottstabile.com.