Warning: 9 month old rotten onions may be found here.

Here’s the thing… I’m not the best at keeping things organized. It’s totally okay. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. Where do I begin? Many will agree that I’m not a great driver, I’m terrible at throwing a ball, I’m not good at limiting my taco intake, I should not be trusted to create an excel spreadsheet… especially if it involves those fancy formulas. I am a creative thinker, using my right brain muscle more than I probably should. I’m quick to acknowledge my weaknesses because it helps me to continue to improve and work to be the best I can be. And, to connect with someone who can help me learn, grow and be better.

Cue the upbeat, intro music: meet Molly & Janelle, owners of “Get It Together Organization”.

Molly, Janelle & I… Getting it Together!

I’ve known Molly for over 5 years in a few different capacities, so when she reached out to let me know that she was starting a business with her friend Janelle, my heart did a happy dance. For two reasons:

  • Reason 1: Anytime someone tells me that they are following their passion and using their gifts to impact the world in a positive way, I feel a surge of warmth through my veins. When we discover what brings us joy and in turn, spread joy to others and change lives, it’s a beautiful thing.
  • Reason 2: I needed their help. I am quick to get rid of “stuff” and am happy when I get to de-clutter because my house is half the size of my daughter’s Barbie dream house, but I often don’t know how to create systems that maximize organization and efficiency (as you’ll soon notice).

It’s the right brain thing… for real! According to Healthline, “the right brain has a more creative and less organized way of thinking.”
I’m living proof.

Molly offered to have her and Janelle come to my house to take a look at some areas that could use fine tuning. I immediately thought of 5 spaces that could use their magic touch (including my garage, more on that here!) When they arrived, I felt as though two of my dear friends were coming to hang out. They were warm, enthusiastic, supportive and not judgmental in the least bit.

What really stood out to me was how they worked together; both equally excited about all of the possibilities, brainstorming ways to maximize each space, talking in their own language about measurements and organizational supplies.

Molly shared the many benefits of being organized, one of which really resonated with me:

Being organized saves you money and reduces waste. I often find that when things don’t have a place, people end up buying it again…even though they already have several of that item in their home. If it has a place to live, you will know where to find it.”

Molly MacMunn
Molly & Janelle making a plan for my Kohl chaos kitchen

They decided to work with the kitchen; since I had just renovated it less than a year ago and hadn’t really thought through where to put things. My much-needed rescue reorganizers began snapping photos, taking measurements and chatting about ideas. It was so fun to watch as they squealed with excitement every time they opened a drawer or a cabinet, just at the mere thought of what they could do to make it better for me.

Molly & Janelle spent a solid 45 minutes taking photos and measurements in order to come back with a plan for progress. After they left, they emailed me an Amazon link to a list they created just for me, with all of the items they thought would maximize my space and provide the ultimate organization. It was so simple – I ordered the items they suggested and had them ready to go for when they would return to transform my entire kitchen for the better!

When Molly & Janelle arrived to get the job done, they showed up with a hot coffee in hand for me, put on their cute matching aprons and spread a boatload of encouraging, positive vibes. As we started to sort through each and every cabinet and drawer, it became very apparent that I needed them in my life, in a big way.

So, I’m about to get really personal here… below are photos of my kitchen BEFORE & AFTER I invited these magical planning wizards to come over.

If you are wondering if I happened to have expired chips in the back of that shelf and a bag of rotten onions from 9 months ago sitting in an unreachable cabinet above the fridge, the answer is YES.

I was in tears when I saw the transformation. Not only because I was completely blown away by what they were able to do with my small kitchen space, but because I knew that they have made updates that will drastically improve my day to day life. These rock stars helped me to get rid of so many things I don’t even use and make the most of what I already have! No longer will I have to use my oven as storage for my pots and pans and will now be able to see all of my spices instead of only cooking with Old Bay because it’s the only thing I can see & reach.

Even my kiddos are thrilled with the updates! The fun containers, easy access to snacks, and including, but not pictured, the folding step stool that nestles perfectly between the wall and the fridge. With a house full of shorty’s, how did we not have that before?

When they left, they took all of the items I wanted to donate with them and left a card and a bottle of champagne to celebrate my “new” space. I look forward to once again being around their enthusiasm for their work and witnessing the joy they feel when helping others. I may call my house “Kohl Chaos”, but that no longer applies in my kitchen! Thanks to this power duo, my home is more enjoyable to be in and I feel like I am starting to really Get It Together. And that includes knowing exactly where I put my onions.

Get Molly & Janelle to help you tackle a space in your home! For more information, visit gitorganization.com