How do you want to be remembered?

One of my Dad’s dearest friends for over 40 years was quarantining at home with COVID-19, when he died suddenly of a heart attack. The news shook me.

My mind began racing.
I immediately thought about his family, the sudden heartbreak that they are feeling.
I thought about if that were my Dad and the sheer devastation I would be feeling.
I thought about my Dad, losing a dear, life-long friend who always had his back.
I thought about how he was healthy, happy, and had so much life ahead of him.
I thought about what really matters during our precious time on this earth.

All of these thoughts happened within a span of 20 seconds. I then thought about how amazing the mind is and how it can think so many different thoughts in seconds.

30 seconds later, I’m crying in sadness & smiling about moments & stories I remembered.

Now, I’m processing it all.

Your brain is capable of so much. It can dig through the archives of memories and pull up all of the snapshots with a particular person. It can simultaneously bring you to tears as you smile about the happy moments. It can quickly bring life into perspective and remind you what is important.

After thinking about this for longer than 30 seconds, my takeaway is this:

How would you live if there was no tomorrow?

It wouldn’t matter how many bathrooms you have in your home.
It wouldn’t matter if you can’t park your car in your garage because it doubles as a shed for bikes, toys & storage.
It wouldn’t matter if you have smile lines or wrinkles on your forehead.
It wouldn’t matter if you are up two pant sizes since last year.
It wouldn’t matter if you use fancy name brand soap or the cheaper store brand version.
It wouldn’t matter if you have a swanky, shiny car with heated leather seats.
It wouldn’t matter how many followers you have on social media. Or how many “likes” you got.

What does matter?

How you are remembered.
The mark you leave on people’s hearts.
The way you treat people.
Your character.
Sharing your gifts with the world.
Living to give love.

To quote Hamilton: The Musical, Lin-Manuel Miranda said, “Legacy. What is a Legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see”.

Today I am thinking about what I want to accomplish during my time here.
Thinking about the seeds I am planting. Today, live like there is no tomorrow. And continue to plant seeds in a beautiful, amazing garden you never get to see…
but the world gets to remember you by.

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