Living a “good vibes” kind of life.

You see it everywhere now, right? On pencil bags. Embroidered on hats. Shirts. Mugs. Socks. Flags. Frying Pans. You name it, I guarantee you can find it. It’s shared by people on social media. It’s preached on car magnets. It’s even on underwear (I know, I have a pair). What is it, you ask?

These two words that are thrown around like pennies, yet hold such important meaning: “Good Vibes”.

But, what does it really mean? You can’t say you’re all “good vibes” and then bash someone on social media. You can’t say you live a “good vibes” life and then try to break down another small business by saying unkind words about them.

Leading a good vibes life is about LIVING it. A wise woman once said, “You preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.” You can say all the words you want, but if you don’t stand behind it with your actions and your example, the words are empty. So, what does that mean?

Treat everyone you meet with kindness and love. It doesn’t matter who they are, how long you’ve known them or whether or not they can do anything for you. They deserve a smile and a kind soul to greet them. Lift up the underdog. Support those in the SAME industry as you because if you truly believe in your work, then you should want to see MORE of it in the world.

Build people up. Not always “oh, your makeup is on point today”… (which is totally cool sometimes, because it would certainly give me a pick me up!) but with a sincere comment about their character: “you make a difference in this world in all the ways you give of your time and your love. I’m grateful for you!” Good vibes means not being jealous of others, but using their inspiration and greatness to fuel your own soul. Good vibes means to celebrate differences: what makes us different and unique is what makes us beautiful.

Good vibes is loving who you are. Accepting your whole self – for your mistakes, for your triumphs, for overcoming obstacles & for your strength.

Good vibes is bringing good energy into every room you walk into. No one likes being under a storm cloud. Bring the sunshine.

Good vibes is listening to others, hearing their story and having empathy. We all need to listen to each other more.

Good vibes is respecting everyone. Welcoming with open arms.

Good vibes is living a humble, grounded life. Being happy with all you have, and truly believing that life just can’t get any better. The grass is greener where you water it. And guess what? Good vibes will make your grass the greenest green you have ever seen.

So the next time you see that mug that says “Good Vibes Only”… buy it. And then, spread nothing but good vibes, always.

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